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A Little History About CCBC

Daniel Sterner, on the website, provides a brief history of Canton Community Baptist Church:

"In 1783, thirty members of the Presbyterian Church in West Simsbury (now Canton) separated to form a new church. Known as 'separatists' or Strict Congregationalists, the new congregation split again just three years later [1786], with about half of the members becoming Baptists. A Baptist church building was constructed in 1807 in Canton Village, on what is now Canton Green. In 1838, the church was moved to its present site, not far away on the Albany Turnpike, and remodeled in the Greek Revival style. The church had a bell founded in 1839 by George H. Holbrook of East Medway, Massachusetts. Later, in the twentieth century, the Canton Community Baptist Church moved to a new building [at 125] Dowd Avenue. The old church building is now used as offices."

More history about CCBC and its first building site and building is found on the website

"Founded in 1783, this church building was built in 1807 on the Canton Green and is the oldest church building in town.  It was moved in 1838 to the north side of Albany Turnpike by yokes of oxen.  In 1986, the building was sold and moved back from the road where it has been used for various commercial purposes.  A new church [at 125] Dowd Avenue was dedicated in 1988."

*The photo below is of the original church building of 1807, located on the north side of Albany Turnpike. A photo of the new church building of 1988, located at 125 Dowd Avenue, is on the Home page of this website.



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